Monday, January 6, 2020

:ג Harp Strings

כנור היה תלוי למעלה ממטתו של דוד וכיון שהגיע חצות לילה בא רוח צפונית ונושבת בו ומנגן מאליו
רש"י: ונקביו לצד צפון כיון שהגיע חצות הלילה רוח צפונית מנשבת בו.

I initially found this quite puzzling. רש"י  seems to be describing a wind instrument which the harp clearly is not. However, a footnote in the Artscroll explained what רש"י was referring to, based on the שלטי הגבורים. The holes are the holes of the harp's soundboard. This actually changes how I had envisioned the harp facing. Without knowing much about how a harp is played, I would have thought the broad side of the harp would face North but that, in fact, is not the case. See more about how the sound of the harp is produced.

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