Tuesday, January 7, 2020

.ד David's Night

רבי זירא אמר משה לעולם הוה ידע ודוד נמי הוה ידע וכיון דדוד הוה ידע כנור למה ליה לאתעורי משנתיה
This is a fitting answer from רבי זירא. On the previous עמוד we were questioning what exactly happened leading up to חצות. One answer from רב אושעיא was that he was up well before חצות. It was רבי זירא who suggested that דוד was learning and dozing off like a horse. It is only according to רבי זירא that דוד would need an alarm clock. According to רב אושעיא he was always fully awake already.

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