Saturday, January 4, 2020

Cycle #2

After the סיום הש"ס תשע"ב, I was inspired to "give it a go" with דף יומי. I had a good run but ran into trouble once I hit נזיקין. I was further inspired to start this blog to record my thoughts and הערות. For this cycle, I will, of course, be recycling the posts from last cycle and I plan to "give it a go" once more, בע"ה, and hopefully add some new material.

Here is the explanation for the name, as posted 7½ years ago:
Let me explain the name. I wanted to come up with something original. The first ideas that popped into my mind - On the Daf, Daf Thoughts, etc - just didn't fit the bill. The name is inspired by a speech I heard at the Toronto Siyum HaShas by R' Yair Adler where he pointed out that a daf of gemara is sometimes referred to as an עלה, a leaf. This was as he was introducing the guest speaker at the event, Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff (his pun, not mine. I promise.) So, there you have it - "The Daily Leaf."

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