Thursday, June 20, 2019

.ג Wozuman?

נשים מזמנות לעצמן

The concept of women having their own מזומן when they eat together seems to be generally regarded as a modern, non-mainstream practice. However, our גמרא would seem to imply that it is the correct one. Now, of course we can't go jumping to conclusions based on just the גמרא. After all, we are also taught here that boys under בר מצוה who understand to whom they are benching can be included to establish a זימון. Nevertheless, although ספרדים do actually abide by this, the practice of אשכנזים is to refrain from doing so. But this issue of women and זימון is even discussed in ביואר הלכה. It seems although the הלכה should be that women are required to, it seems the general accepted practice is that they do not.

What is accepted, however, is that in a meal with men, they are required to participate in the זימון just as the men are. R' Moshe Feinstein (אגרות משה או"ח חלק ה' סימן י) quite sternly points out that while a mother's tending to household matters determine that she is not part of the set group and might be exempt under certain circumstances, it is incumbent upon the husband to delay the זימון in order to call her and include her.

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