Monday, June 24, 2019

:ח Delayed Bris

מתני' אין קטן נימול פחות מח' ולא יתר על שנים עשר

A ברית may not be performed at night. Why is this significant? It occurred to me that if that were not the case, there might actually be a remedy for a child born בין השמשות on Friday. Suppose he was born exactly 15 minutes after שקיעה. What if we were to perform the ברית exactly 15 minutes after שקיעה on the next Friday. That would work with the following logic: If 15 minutes after is still day, then he was born יום ששי and is נמול ביום ששי. If 15 minutes after is in fact already night, well then he was born on שבת and נימול בשבת. But that would work in reality since we can’t do the ברית at night.

I suppose once I am venturing into fantasy worlds with alternate halachic realities, we might has well create one in which we know exactly when night begins and then the whole issue would be a non-starter.

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