Saturday, June 22, 2019

.ו His Word is his Bond

אמר ליה אביי שאני מלכותא דלא הדרא ביה דאמר שמואל אי אמר מלכותא עקרנא טורי עקר טורי ולא הדר ביה

Interesting how sometimes the דף seems to curiously coincide with current events. I thought it was ironic that this גמרא appears right when their happens to be a current controversy regarding the President of the United States and a possible military strike against another country. Without getting into too many details, he is being criticized for having ordered the strike but cancelling it at the last moment. I suppose it can be argued that the statement of the גמרא does not apply to a democratically elected leader who is accountable to the people.

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