Friday, August 26, 2022

:נא Ancient Psychology

ודאי שבקינהו ואזלן מנפשייהו אסירן
ודאי אי שבקינהו. גנבים ללכת אל בעליהן ואינון אזלן מנפשייהו אל הגנבים אסירן:

It seems the gemara does not believe in the Stockholm Syndrome, or at the very least does not believe it is strong enough to consider such actions to be coerced.


  1. Who are you to write that without a source, nor with reasoning. The torah is sacred, not something to be interpreted ambiguously

  2. I'm not quite sure what your objection is. My source is very clearly the גמרא itself. Perhaps I need to elaborate. The גמרא, with רש"י's comment, is saying that although a woman seeming to willingly serve her captor is deemed to be under duress, if she is given the opportunity to return to her husband but nevertheless goes back to her captors, she is certainly in their company willingly. One might have suggested that the psychological effects of Stockholm Syndrome would allow us to consider still under duress as she is not acting within her own faculties. I am simply observing that the גמרא does not consider this to be a valid alibi.